Patient Participation

PPG Update for the year 2018/19

Please note that the current PPG Group was inaugurated on 2nd May 2018 following the dissolution of the previous PPG.

Location: Dr Aru and Partners Surgery at the Lister Primary Care Centre.

The practice is actively recruiting new PPG members currently.

PPG Constitution

Click here to download the PPG Constitution

Meeting Minutes

PPG Meeting Minutes 05.03.19

PPG Meeting Minutes 04.12.18

PPG Meeting Minutes 02.10.18

PPG Meeting Minutes 07.08.18

PPG Meeting Minutes 05.06.18

PPG Meeting Minutes 01.05.18

Southwark Locality PPG

South locality PPG minutes - 14th May 2019 at Cambridge House (PDF, 178KB)

Southwark PPG Agenda - 2nd July 2019 at Cambridge House (PDF, 174KB)

Health centre - naming competition - flyer (PDF, 1.00MB)

PPG Report 2013/14: 

Patient Participation Report

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